9 Nov 2023
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No win no fee Personal Injury Solicitor - How do I Choose one?

‘How do I choose a personal injury solicitor?’ If cost is a consideration when deciding upon a legal professional, opt for a no win no fee personal injury solicitor.

This takes away the pressure of upfront costs, reduces any worry about expanding legal fees based on case duration, and reassures you that you only pay for the service if the claim is successful.

You may also think about other indicators, like reviews from clients, standing among their peers, and notable successful outcomes achieved that may point to a company that can help you.  

Things to consider

When deciding upon a no win no fee personal injury solicitor, it’s important to pick the right one for you. 

Consider the opinions of those who have used the service before you. How was their experience? What do they mention that is positive? What do they complain about? Trustpilot and Google are the more regularly used review platforms and can provide useful insight into the conduct of companies dealing with claims. The more reviews the better as you get a better cross-section of the company’s performance.

What about awards and nominations? Does the company have a good standing in comparison to their competitors? Look at their website to see if they are accredited by relevant professional bodies and see if they have any news stories about winning sector-wide awards.

Companies may have case studies on their website that could demonstrate how they did in a claim like yours, showing their client care and effectiveness.

What are the steps when choosing a personal injury solicitor?

Once you’ve gone through the process of deciding which solicitors to instruct, the next steps are relatively straightforward. After contacting the team at Winns, they’ll assess your circumstances efficiently and effectively, providing guidance as to whether your claim is potentially eligible for compensation.

The team takes care of the rest, putting the processes in place, getting you the medical treatment needed, gathering evidence, and presenting that for negotiation with the third-party insurer.

This allows you to focus on what’s important - recovery after a non-fault accident.

What makes Winns different?

Winns is a unique personal injury solicitor choice because we work around the clock for your benefit. One of the first to employ nightshifts, our teams work diligently on your claim to speed up the process and make it as efficient as possible. When others close, we continue working.

We are a no win no fee personal injury solicitor that uses technology to benefit the client wherever possible and put that to good use so you can access your claim and see its progress at any time of the day.

Our processes are designed with you in mind, and our reviews reflect this with a 4.8 out of 5 rating based on over 9,800 client opinions.

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