24 Jun 2020

Drivers Nervous About Returning to the Roads After Lockdown

Statistics from Comparethemarket.com show that drivers are worried about other road users as lockdown eases and rusty drivers return to the roads after months away from the wheel.

According to their research, 76% of motorists have used their car less since lockdown began, with an additional 13% having not used their car at all.

One in three drivers are nervous about the driving ability of other road users, yet only one in 10 are nervous about their own driving ability after being off the road for so long.

Despite 10% of drivers being worried about the safety of their car after such a prolonged period of disuse, 33% of car owners have not checked any part of their vehicle since lockdown began. Of those that have given their car a once over, only 25% have checked their brakes, 32% checked their battery and just over half checked their tyres.

Dan Hutson, Head of Motor Insurance at comparethemarket.com said: "Millions of cars have sat unused during lockdown, which is making many drivers nervous over their safety, and of the driving ability of those behind the wheel once restrictions are lifted.

"However, it seems that this concern is more directed at other drivers rather than the quality of their own driving. There will be a surge of cars on the road after lockdown making the roads more congested, which means drivers will need to keep their wits about them as they get back on the road.

"We would urge any driver to ensure they check their car before getting behind the wheel – this includes checking the tyres, brakes and fluid levels, as well as ensuring that insurance and tax are up to date.”

If you’re thinking of returning to the road, take a look at our handy Lockdown Vehicle Checklist, to make sure your car is in working order before getting back behind the wheel.

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