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Making a Vehicle Repair Claim in Newcastle

Are you considering making a vehicle repair claim in Newcastle following a non-fault accident? Call Winn Solicitors at any time of the day and our team will help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

If you want the reassurance of dedicated and experienced professionals dealing with all aspects of your claim, contact us now and take the stress and hassle out of making a vehicle repair claim.

Why call Winns before your insurer?

Making that first call to Winns, before your insurer, allows you to start your claim with that initial phone call. By providing as much information as possible, with our team member on the other end of the phone guiding you through the process, we can assess your needs and put plans into action to help you with all aspects of your claim. These include:

Arranging all aspects of any vehicle damage: Our team specialises in the recovery, storage and repair of your damaged vehicle in the Newcastle area. We will collect your vehicle within four working hours of instruction and provide you with a like-for-like replacement. An independent engineer will assess the damage, with the garage using genuine manufacturers parts to repair it.

Delivering a hire vehicle: Our team will deliver a like-for-like credit hire replacement vehicle within four working hours of instruction following your car accident (four-hour time frame applies to standard vehicles only).

Protect your warranty: Our repairs only involve genuine manufacturer parts which can help to protect the warranty on your vehicle. The same cannot be guaranteed by an insurer when making a car insurance claim.

Getting you back on the road quickly: Our response is designed to be efficient, effective and timely to help anyone who has called us following a non-fault accident in Newcastle.

First class support and advice from an extremely courteous and knowledgeable member of staff who is clearly a credit to the company.


Begin the personal injury compensation process with the first phone call: Should you need assistance with personal injury compensation following your accident, our team can support this aspect as part of our one-stop-shop approach to your claim and accident management. A dedicated legal team will pursue compensation diligently, relying on decades of experience to ensure you get a successful outcome after your non-fault accident in Newcastle.

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Arranging medical assistance: If you require medical treatment, we can liaise swiftly with a Tier One medico-legal reporting organisation, whose purpose is to arrange suitable treatment for clients, while liaising with medical specialists to create a medical report.

Seeking to recover any other losses incurred as a result of the accident: There are many associated costs that can be incurred if you are the victim of a non-fault accident, including loss of earnings or other out of pocket expenses that you may have been forced to pay for as a result of the injuries sustained. Our expert team of advisors will pursue recovery of these costs from the other side.

Very professional company [who] places its customers at the forefront of its business

Glen Winlow

How do I get around while my vehicle is off the road?

We will provide you with a like-for-like credit hire vehicle within four working hours of instruction to limit the disruption caused to your day-to-day life. Whereas insurers can’t guarantee like-for-like when providing a courtesy car as part of a car insurance claim, we will endeavour to get you a like-for-like replacement and quickly.

What should I do to start my vehicle repair claim?

All you need to do is call our dedicated 24/7 claim line to begin your vehicle repair claim. Alternatively, start a Live Chat from any page on our website or request a callback for a time that suits you.

Can I make a claim if an accident took place in a courtesy car?

Yes, you can still make a claim for compensation in this respect, as long as you weren’t at fault for the accident. You will need to pay the excess, but this will be recovered from the at-fault party upon successful completion of your vehicle repair claim.

Do I need to inform my insurer of an accident?

Although you technically do have to inform your insurer, by calling Winns first we can take care of all of those requirements by informing them for you and beginning the process of making a claim on your behalf at the same time. There are many reasons why your first call after a non-fault accident should be to Winns, before your insurer. Find out more by clicking here.

I contacted Winns after a collision caused by a reckless driver. I got through to Ezra who sorted my case. I have had physio which was all arranged by Winns and everything has gone very smoothly in the process.


Who pays for a non-fault vehicle repair claim in Newcastle?

If you were the victim of a non-fault accident, Winns will work hard for you and seek to recover costs from the at-fault party. Although they will be liable to pay that compensation, they should, by law, have relevant insurance which will cover those expenses.

If you would like more information about making a vehicle repair claim in Newcastle following a non-fault accident, click here to be taken to the Citizens Advice page which will supplement what is discussed on this page.

Did you know?

Winns can help with many types of non-fault accident compensation claims, including road trafficpublic place or workplace accidents. If you are considering making a claim for compensation following an accident that wasn’t your fault, call Winns now for a helping hand.

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