23 Mar 2020
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What Can I Claim for Following a Motorcycle Accident?

Following an accident on the road, vulnerable road users can often wonder what to do next.

While a claim involving a car is a far more common occurrence, for cyclists and motorcyclists, the process is less often used, and information is more difficult to find. But you still have a right to make a claim if you were involved in an accident with another vehicle which wasn’t your fault.

You can find more information on cycling claims here. Below, we answer some pertinent questions about making a motorcycle claim and what you may be entitled to:

Do you need to add a motorcycle claim on to a car insurance policy in your name?

If you have an accident on your motorcycle, and you have a car as well, you need to have a separate motorcycle insurance policy to make a claim in the event of a non-fault accident. You don’t need an additional car insurance policy to make a claim.

Can you claim if you fall off your motorcycle and no-one is at fault?

If you were in this situation, you would not be able to make a claim as no liability could be attached to a third party. In this event, you would need to claim through your insurer for the damage sustained to your motorcycle. The outcome of this process would be based on the type of incident and the level of cover you have with your provider.

Can you claim for motorcycle gear after an accident?

If you are making a claim following a non-fault accident, then you will be able to get compensation for your damaged gear (clothing and safety equipment). The first step would be to gather evidence of the damage sustained along with the cost of the clothing and safety gear. Once this is obtained, it can be claimed back as part of your claim.

What can you claim following a non-fault accident?

When you’ve had a non-fault accident on your motorcycle, Winn Solicitors is on hand to offer expert guidance and support if you wish to make a claim. If you have a personal injury, require treatment, need repairs and suffer any additional losses – loss of earnings for example – then we can help you to reclaim them.

If my motorbike is hit in a car park, can I still claim even if I wasn’t on it at the time?

Yes, if your motorbike has been damaged by a third party, and they were at-fault, then you can make a claim. Winns will work to recover costs from the third-party insurer so you have no up-front costs to pay and you don’t need to go through your insurer.

For more information about making a motorbike claim, click here and to start your claim use our Live Chat service, or request a call back using the form on the right. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our team by calling 0800 988 6288.

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