31 Dec 2019

Winn Solicitors Provide a Helping Hand During Dry January

Dry January begins tomorrow with Winn Solicitors backing the campaign’s potential positive impact on the number of drink-drive deaths.

Throughout the month, Winns will post a series of articles, informative links and social media posts around the theme, as the UK looks to reduce a problem which has hit a decade-long high.

According to a Telegraph article, there were up to 270 deaths in crashes where at least one driver or rider was over the alcohol limit in 2017. This is the highest amount since 2009 and up 20 from the previous year.

Currently, the legal limit for alcohol in the system is 80mg per 100 millilitres of blood in the UK, but in Scotland it is 50mg.

The Dry January event is designed to get people thinking about their intake of alcohol and to potentially reduce it over the course of the year based on the benefits they receive from not drinking for one month.

Apart from the health benefits – better sleep, weight loss and increased energy are all evident in some of those who chose a dry January – it vastly reduces the chances of a crash if there is no alcohol involved.

Even a very small amount of alcohol in the system can have a notable effect on the ability to drive, which is why Winns is supporting this campaign to improve road safety.

To read the Telegraph article outlining the latest on drink-drive deaths click here

For support to stay Dry for January click here.

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