29 Feb 2016

How Long Does it Take to Get Compensation for an Accident?

During the claims process, you may find yourself wondering how long it will take to receive compensation for your accident. The length of time depends on the type of personal injury claim, as well as many other factors, including how long it takes for responsibility to be admitted, as well as medical prognosis and treatment.

Medical Evidence

The length of time it takes to receive and consider medical evidence can vary depending on the case. If a client wishes to pursue the claim based on a medical prognosis, this may take less time than it would for a client who wishes to finish treatment prior to settling the claim or someone who wants to wait until they are fully recovered. The severity of the injuries can also affect the length of a claim.


The speed at which a claim can be settled can partly depend on how willing the insurance company involved in the claim is to settle on an amount. If the insurance company is willing to make a reasonable offer, the case can be settled quite quickly, providing all other factors are in check. If the insurance company is not willing to settle at a reasonable figure, court proceedings will be issued. This does not always mean that a case will end up in court – the insurance company may offer to settle at a different figure in the meantime, as the introduction of court action can encourage a settlement.

Awaiting a Court Date

If your case does go to court, how quickly it gets there depends on the court resources available at the time. Depending on the court timetable, your claim may be processed more or less quickly.


Challenges from the other side can affect the progress of a case, as it can require additional time to research and refute any claims. Challenges are usually presented by the other side in order to try to encourage a lower value settlement.

Client Responses

The length of time taken by a client to return important documents could lead to delays in a settlement or trial. Swift responses, returning calls, and giving your solicitor as much information about your accident as possible will help to speed up your claim.

Outside influences

GP timescales, availability of medical professionals and the time taken to recover can also have a significant impact on the time taken to receive compensation.

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