25 Jul 2019

How to Look After your Car in the Heat

During the fabulous soaring temperatures, don’t forget the impact the heat can have on your car. Here are our top tips to save you from falling foul of heat-related breakdowns and summer car disasters.


The summer heat and vibration cause more battery problems than the winter cold. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to assist with the heat, but ensuring the battery is securely mounted can prevent internal breakdown. The heat also causes quicker evaporation of battery fluid leading to corrosion on terminals and connections. It is therefore wise to check battery terminals and cable clamps for corrosive build-up and ensure clamps are tight.


Your engine needs to be kept cool, so periodically flushing through the cooling system is essential as well as ensuring the coolant is kept topped up in between flushes. The parts surrounding the cooling system are often made from rubber which are more susceptible to the effects of heat so should be check regularly for d-signs of cracking and deterioration.


Driving with under-inflated tyres whatever the weather, causes them to overheat increasing the chance of the tyre bursting. This is of particular concern during warmer weather, so double check your tyre pressures match those in your vehicle manual, including that of your spare. It is worth bearing in mind that the most accurate reading will be when the tyres are cold.


As well as assisting lubrication, engine fluids help to remove heat from the critical components of the car. When the level of fluid is lower than usual, the cooling effect is massively reduced resulting in an increased risk of the engine becoming overheated. The following fluids should be checked frequently to make sure that they are at their optimum amount, and if the amount of fluid is decreasing, it should be immediately topped up with the fluid as specified in your vehicle manual:

  • Motor oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Brake fluid


During the intense heat, air-conditioning is a driver’s best friend. It can be more than just comforting as it can reduce driver fatigue maintaining driver alertness and vehicle safety. If the refrigerant levels become low, the air conditioning will not perform as effectively as usual, requiring expert intervention. It is also advisable to buy a windscreen sunshade which reflects the light away from your car while it is not in use, allowing it to be a much more comfortable temperature when you return to the vehicle.

Breakdown Essentials

With an increased chance of breakdown in hot weather, it is worth being prepared for the worst. We recommend having the following items at the ready in case of emergency:

  • Water
  • Non-perishable food
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Basic hand tools
  • First aid kit

And if you know in advance how to change a tyre, you should be ready for anything!

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