20 Nov 2019

Road Safety Week; Safer Healthier Road Use Facts

Brake’s Road Safety Week this week focusses on safe journeys, healthy trips and stepping up to be part of a safer system of travel.

Here at Winns, we are focusing on the healthy trip aspect of the event, with a push to promote greener commutes to and from work, which in turn reduces the level of air pollution currently plaguing our environment.

According to research, 40,000 premature deaths each year are attributable to air pollution in the UK, with 80% of the toxic nitrogen oxide concentrations found at the roadside coming from motor traffic.

With the Government seeking to be net-zero on greenhouse gases by 2050, there is a renewed push to reduce any unnecessary journeys which produce these harmful gases.

Changing the method of trip is the most obvious choice; ditching the car and taking the train, or other type of public transport. Even better, if you are close enough to work then why not bike it in and boost your health too!

Although the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by 32% (from 1990 – 2017), the percentage emitted by road transport has actually increased by 6%, according to research from the Office for National Statistics.

Around a fifth (21%) of these emissions came from road transport in 2017. But what can you do about it?

  • If you live within cycling or walking distance but still take the car, why not avoid the stress of rush hour traffic and introduce a period of activity into your day, benefitting both your health and your wellbeing.
  • Many simply cannot commute in this way due to the distance they need to travel. Public transport is the way forward. By taking more cars off the road, a shared method of transport can drastically reduce emissions. Instead of 25 cars being on the road, there would be one bus, for example. Any public transport – train, metro etc. – is better for the environment than individual journeys.
  • If the car is a must, then try car-sharing with colleagues so they don’t need to take theirs! Rotate who takes their car and you are reducing your emission footprint.

Whatever you decide to do, the benefits of reducing this footprint are tangible; improving air quality in your area, decreasing national output and helping to do something about climate change.

For more on Winns Road Safety Week activities, visit our Campaign page: Road Safety Week 2019

Research credit:

Office for National Statistics

Living Streets

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