2 Dec 2021

How Can you Spot a Mis-sold Business Energy Contract?

In an unregulated industry, for far too long, rogue business energy brokers have mis-sold business energy contracts.

Although there are brokers who conduct themselves with the best interests of the client at the forefront of their thinking, in truth there are simply too many brokers who don’t, thanks to an environment of little regulation that promotes an ‘at-all-costs’ pursuit of financial gain for the third party.

This often leaves the business, the client, footing the bill for the broker’s activities.

Has my energy broker received secret commission?

It is difficult to spot secret commission within your energy contracts, justifying the name of the term. However, all too often a broker will fail to state to his her/client that they are receiving commission for the deal negotiated and will simply hide it in the cost of the energy being supplied.

Failure to disclose this as the reason for an increased cost isn’t right as the client has been given no option to decide if they want to enter a contract like this as they are simply unaware.

How will I know if I’ve been mis-sold an energy contract?

There are many ways that you could have been mis-sold a business energy contract, including the lack of a declaration from the broker telling the client how they are getting paid for their part in the deal.

If they insist they are delivering a complimentary service, chances are they are receiving commission from the contract negotiated, at the expense of the client. The true cost of the broker’s input may never be revealed, with the fee simply absorbed into increased energy rates.

How can Winns help?

The litigation team at Winns has the skill and expertise to pursue a claim for compensation on your behalf. We know who is accountable, how to pursue them through relevant legal channels, and how to get the compensation you deserve. 

How will my claim be funded?

Winns operates on a no win no fee basis, meaning clients don’t pay a penny in upfront costs and will only ever pay by a set percentage taken from the compensation awarded. That percentage doesn’t change from start to finish, providing total clarity to clients as to the costs of making a claim. No surprise additional costs and no spiralling legal fees should the claim become more complex than first thought. It also ensures the cost of making a claim with Winns will never exceed the value of the business energy claim.

If the claim isn’t successful? We will absorb the cost and the client won’t pay a penny towards our legal services.

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