11 Nov 2021

Have You Been Mis-Sold a Business Energy Contract?

When arranging your current or previous business energy contracts, were you cold-called? Did you sort it out over the phone? Was it verbally agreed after a lengthy, persuasive, and persistent chat?

Chances are you could have been mis-sold your deal and you could be eligible for a business energy contract claim.

Unfortunately, this type of mis-selling is common within this sector, with a section of brokers conducting these tactics with the aim of getting the best deal for themselves and not their client.

Are business energy contracts mis-sold?

The short answer to this, unfortunately, is yes. An unacceptably high amount of energy contracts are mis-sold in some way shape or form. This can range from the broker hiding commission fees to selecting companies based on the favourable terms offered to them.

It is important to get your energy contracts checked for mis-selling, especially if a third party has been involved in arranging the deal. The team at Winns can help.

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Does cold calling play a part in mis-selling?

Yes, it can be the way a broker makes contact with a company. Cold calling is the method of contacting prospective clients despite there being no encouragement to do so. It is purely speculative and is when a broker will call and attempt to persuade someone to use their service.

Ofgem – the energy regulator – still accepts verbal contracts as enough to confirm a legally binding deal. This makes it easier for brokers to get clients on board, even if the client had no intention prior to the call.

These calls can take the form of hard-selling, which is often persuasive and persistent, with repeated calls made should the initial approach be rebuffed. They may garner enough information from you to generate a verbal contract or be so insistent you are missing a great deal that they won’t even allow you to check other prices before getting you to commit to an energy contract.

Are business energy contracts legally binding?

These commercial contracts are indeed legally binding, with no cooling-off period or early termination options. The only realistic option to break a contract would be to pay off the rest of your deal.

You can always ask your supplier for proof of contract, or a recording of the verbal agreement made between broker and supplier. If they can’t provide these, chances are there isn’t a contract to refer to.

What should you do if you have been mis-sold?

If you believe you have been mis-sold and wish to cancel a business energy contract, you can contact the Energy Ombudsman or call the team at Winns for an obligation-free discussion about your situation.

Why use Winns?

As a Solicitors Regulation Authority-regulated legal firm, Winns must adhere to the highest standards in terms of conduct and processes. This puts us ahead of our main competitors and provides reassurance and peace of mind for clients looking to make a business energy contract claim.

We are determined to help you through your claims process and get you the compensation you deserve. Rely on our skills, experience, and tenacity to get the job done; start your business energy contract claim now.

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