4 Oct 2021

Are You a Business That Used an Energy Broker to Save Money?

Thousands of businesses across the country will have used an energy broker in an effort to save money on their deals.

Thinking they are employing someone for their skills, experience and expertise, with the remit of getting a client the best possible deal available at the time, using a third party will seem like a natural step.

However, the harsh realities exposed by recent examples of business energy mis-selling has made it clear that far too many businesses have been mis-led by those unscrupulous brokers who operate in the business energy market. So, what questions should you be asking as a company?

How do I know if I have been mis-sold business energy?

When considering business energy claims, the major indicator that mis-selling may have taken place is the use of an energy broker. The industry of negotiating a business energy deal has been allowed to conduct itself without scrutiny for far too long.

Largely unregulated, they have been able to hide commission fees when explaining to clients the details of their deal, favoured deals which weren’t in the best interests of the client and put their own interests first. These tactics result in the client paying more than they need to and not getting the best deal the market has to offer at the time the deal was agreed.

These characteristics of an energy deal are difficult for the untrained eye to spot. That’s why it’s best to contact the specialist team at Winns, who can identify mis-selling and seek compensation.

What is a secret/hidden commission?

This is a part of an energy deal which can go totally unnoticed by the client but will possibly be known by the energy supplier and certainly known by the broker who arranged the deal.

One of the big signs of mis-selling, a secret or hidden commission is when the energy broker is aware that they are going to get a commission as payment for brokering the deal, but they fail to explicitly inform the client that payment for this will be factored into the new energy deal and how much it will be.

The end result is the client pays, without knowing they are paying more to accommodate a commission.

How can Winn Solicitors help?

There are thousands of companies of all different types and sizes, from a huge range of sectors, who are currently affected by business energy mis-selling. This could be in a current contract and/or historic ones, as mis-selling has been rife in the business energy sector.

Business energy claims are an important step to recovering compensation from those brokers who have mis-sold; the best way to conduct one is to use the services of a diligent and expert legal team like Winns. Our dedicated team will establish mis-selling within your paperwork and set about chasing those responsible for it. We will seek to negotiate with those third parties involved and will take them to court if need be to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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