26 Apr 2021

Case Study: Energy Mis-Selling Increasingly Common

Many businesses across the country have been mis-sold energy contracts by brokers or third parties who take commissions at the expense of the customer.

This was the case with Winn Group, who is successfully challenging their energy contract.

What happened?

Winn Group worked with a broker to get their energy contracts in place, paying fees as dictated by the broker, who businesses would expect to be experts in the field and more knowledgeable as a result.

“We engaged an energy broker to get us the best deal on our gas and electricity,” said Winn Group CEO Jeff Winn.

“At the time we were naïve and didn’t understand that mis-selling within the gas/electricity market was rife.

“Speaking from a Winns point of view, we noticed that our electricity and gas bills had risen quite sharply and contacted the broker. The broker fobbed us off telling us that wholesale rates had risen, and it was just where the market was. 

“He reassured us we had the best deal. We did not, and we were being lied to.” 

What was discovered?

The company discovered extensive losses in terms of what they could have been paying and what they were paying in reality.

“Upon investigation, we have found that we had been mis-sold gas and electricity and have lost in the region of £100,000,” continued Winn. 

“Such mis-selling is very common in the energy sector, particularly within the business sector which is unregulated for brokers. Winns has suffered as a result and are now pursuing the mis-sellers and anticipate a good payout in compensation.”

The lessons learned

Within the business energy sector, customers don’t have the protection of a regulator or regulated broker.

“An energy broker is acting for you and owes you a duty of care to get you the best reasonable deal or at least to be open and clear on advice on the alternatives,” added Winn.

“From our enquiries, and enquiries from clients, we can see that mis-selling is rife and more probable than not within the business energy broker market.”

How can Winns help?

By contacting Winns and our dedicated business energy mis-selling team, we will assess your claim quickly and methodically, free of charge and on a no win no fee basis.

If it becomes apparent that mis-selling has taken place the team will work to recover compensation from the broker or third party involved, saving you, potentially, thousands of pounds.

From relevant research, the team has found that it is likely if your energy deal was mis-sold, they’d be able to recover between 10 and 20% of previous energy costs back from the broker or others who received the benefit from the energy broker’s mis-selling.

Working on a no win, no fee basis with a price cap guarantee, there will be no upfront costs to pay and costs will only be deducted if the claim is successful.

To find out more, contact Winns today on 0800 988 2281.

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