3 Aug 2021

Case Study: Windermere School Suffer Energy Mis-Selling

Business energy mis-selling is being put under the spotlight after years of brokers abusing the system of procuring energy contracts for clients.

Energy regulator Ofgem is set to introduce tougher measures to counter the practice of concealing commissions which has become commonplace in this sector.

With little in the way of regulation, energy brokers have taken thousands in commissions, often without the knowledge of their client.

Far from just being big businesses affected, this is a trend that has financially afflicted thousands of businesses, charities and schools, including Windermere School in The Lake District.

What happened?

Windermere School used the services of an energy broker to help them get the best deal for their energy requirements. They entered into a contract, on the recommendation of their broker, completely unaware that mis-selling was taking place.

After allowing PanoServe, our ethical energy company partner, to study historic energy contracts, it was discovered the brokers involved had been passing on an undisclosed margin through their utility bills.

How did we help?

Working on a no win, no fee basis, the school were able to push ahead with a legal claim through use of Winns’ expert team of legal advisors, who set about the recovery of over £200,000 of mis-sold energy.

This process involved no upfront costs to the school, with a set amount agreed at the outset with the client so they didn’t need to worry about spiralling legal costs or the need to be cash rich to open a claim.

The reassurance of knowing the exact cost, regardless of case complexity, and that they won’t pay a penny if the claim is unsuccessful, provided the school with the confidence to press ahead.

Richard Hennah, Operations Manager of Windermere School, said; “Mis-selling of contracts and passing on of undeclared charges, is an insidious practice that many customers are not aware of without further scrutiny of their contract and invoices.”

What does it take to start a claim?

If you used an energy broker to set up historic and current energy deals, there may be elements of mis-selling.

By calling Winn Solicitors’ expert energy mis-selling team, they will examine your paperwork free of charge and tell you, within days of receiving it, whether elements of mis-selling have taken place.

The team will then pursue the energy broker and/or the energy company to recover the compensation you deserve.

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