18 Apr 2019

Safety Checks Before a Long Easter Journey

Are you planning on a long journey over the Easter weekend? Visiting relatives, friends or taking a trip away?

The Highways England agency has issued some useful advice ahead of the annual Easter getaway on the nation’s roads, which is expected to be packed with drivers on the motorway network.

Before setting off on a long journey, it is advised to do the following checks:

Fuel – Avoid the possibility of a breakdown due to running out of fuel by filling up before getting on the motorway. With large distances between service stations, and increased prices for fuel, it is best not to gamble and instead fill up at the start of your journey rather than during it.

Tyres – Provide a visual test of your tyres by looking for any wear and tear while also checking the tread depth, which should be a minimum of 1.6mm. Ensuring your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure makes for a safer journey and also reduces your fuel efficiency.

Engine oil and water – Always make sure you have checked your screen wash levels as it is vital for any journey to maintain good visibility through your windscreen. It is also worth using your dipstick to check oil levels.

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